GTM Mastery Mentorship Program

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Imagine if you could launch your next feature, product, or even a whole startup, and learn how to make that launch successful in just 7 days.

Not "I think this will work" or "Someone who got lucky once and is now a millionaire tells me it will work."

Proof it will work.

That's what GTM Mastery is: combining the best of Go To Market and Growth Hacking into something new that sets up every launch for success based on the time-tested strategies and tactics I've used to launch 15 companies from $0 to more than $3MM in annual revenue.

And anybody can do it.

All you need is a little time, a small advertising budget, and a willingness to learn that launching something new isn't scary or hard.

The GTM Mastery Mentorship Program--this course!--brings together the best programs I've taught over the last 9 years as a top-rated mentor for some of the largest startup accelerators in the world, all under one course.

It covers:

1) How to create an actually unique value proposition & validate it--in minutes.

2) How to create & run ads on every major ad platform like someone who's spent millions in media buys: me.

3) How to adopt an iterative mindset to your marketing & growth to maximize your revenue

4) How to create the systems to make your marketing scale in a few hours a week--profitably!

5) How to use AI in your launch to create a massively more efficient business overall.

6) How to combine the best of growth hacking and go to market into something new: Grow to Market!

✅ It is for:

- SaaS Founders

- Marketers who want to level up their game

- Media buyers who want to be able to create and assess strategy & get promoted

- Entrepreneurs who want to grow their side gig

- People who need to understand their product's market in 14 days.

- Someone who wants to evaluate market opportunity before wasting tens of thousands of building a product

❌ It is not for:

- Wantrepreneurs

- People who expect a magic formula to generate money and are not willing to put the work in

- Anyone who can't invest a few thousand dollars in building a million-dollar marketing engine

- Anyone who can't invest a few hours a week to build a million-dollar marketing engine.

To get all of the materials in this course usually costs a few thousand dollars in student fees + equity to the accelerator of choice that you may be attending--and even then you don't get access to all of this material.

If you want me to peel back the secrets on how my agency launches startups to market successfully time and again, this course is your best way to learn.

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30 day money back guarantee.

If you don't like the course, ask for your money back. No questions asked. :)

Last updated Nov 24, 2023

A complete set of 8 courses that teaches you to launch your idea or startup with complete confidence that you will nail the go to market. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Positioning workshop
WTF is GTM Masterclass
Launch fast with GPT4 workshop
Revenue Modeling Program
AI copywriting Masterclass & prompts
Minimum Viable Sprints overview & cheatsheets
Build a marketing engine workshop
Meta Media Buying Class & Exercises
GTM Mastery Community LIFETIME access
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GTM Mastery Mentorship Program

0 ratings
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